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Customers List(from 1998 to 2018)
No. Company Name Project
1 Changzhou Tieben Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. One set,R6m, three-strand CCM 
2 Changzhou Tieben Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. Three sets, R6m, four-strand CCM
3 Wuxi Xixing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Shaft furnace and its Hydraulic station
4 ECHENG Steel Shops of Xilin Iron & Steel Groups Two sets, dust removing and scrap preheat for 50t EAF
5 Hang'an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. One set, R5m,two-strand CCM
6 Wuxi Xixing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Three-strand CCM and LF rebuilding
7 No.1 Heavy Machinery Company LF, VD furnace and hydraulic station
8 Jinzhou Jinxing Steel Company R5m two-strand CCM
9 Cixian Iron & SteelCo., Ltd. Hebei Province R6m, two-strand CCM
10 Wenzhou Mingtai Iron & Stell Company, Zhejiang R6m, two-strand CCM
11 Nanbao Iron & Steel Groups R6m three-strand CCM
12 Ningde Rongxin Steel Co., Ltd. R6m three-strand CCM
13 Nanyang Dingxin Steel & Iron Co., Ltd, Henan R6m three-strand CCM
14 Hangzhou Dingli Iron & Steel Company R6m two-strand CCM
15 Liaocheng Steel Company, Shandong Province R6m two-strand CCM
16 Wuxi Dongting Steel Company R6m two-strand CCM
17 Jianyin Shengang Steel Company R6m two-strand CCM
18 Pingding Steel Company, Henan Province R6m two-strand CCM
19 Zhangjiagang Hongyun Steel Company R6m two-strand CCM
20 Shaoguan Longteng Iron & Steel Company, Guangdong Province R6m two-strand CCM
21 Fujian Sanjian Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. R6m two-strand CCM
22 Longxi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. R6m, One-strand CCM
23 Huxian Jinyuan Steel Products Co., Ltd. R5.25m, One-strand CCM
24 Weihai Jianlong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. R6m, three-strand CCM
25 Longtai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Shandong Province R6m, two-strand CCM
26 Lanzhou Lanxin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R5m, two-strand CCM
27 Tianchang Nanfang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM
28 Xingyang Xinjinshan Special Steel Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM 
29 Xinyang Sanxin Special Steel Co., Ltd R5.25m, two-strand CCM
30 Zibuo Guotai Iron & Steel Company,  Shandong province R4m, two-strand CCM
31 Laiwu Yuanfeng Steel Company, Shandong Province R4m, two-strand CCM
32 Jiangjin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Sichuan Province R6m, two-strand CCM
33 Zhangjiagang Houteng Metal Product Company R6m, two-strand CCM
34 Xinjinshan Iron & Steel Company, Henan Province R6m, two-strand CCM
35 Shaowu Steel Company, Fujian Province R6m, two-strand CCM
36 Yiliang Iron & Steel Company, Yunnan Province R5.25m, two-strand CCM
37 Dujiangyan Jinshan Iron & Steel Company. Two sets R5m, two-strand CCM; R5M, one-strand CCM
38 Zibo Guotai Iron & Steel Company,Shandong Province R4m, two-strand CCM
39 Huacheng Iron & Steel Company, Zhejiang Province R6m, two-strand CCM
40 Jiangyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Sichuan Province R6m, three-strand CCM
41 Nanyang Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd, Thailand R6m, two-strand CCM
42 Hezhou Steel Company, Guanxi Province R5m, one-strand CCM
43 Longteng Special Steel Company, Jiangsu Province R6m, two-strand CCM
44 Shuangdun Steelmaking Company, Anhui Province R5m, one-strand CCM
45 Wuzhou Steel Company, Guangzhou Province R6m, two-strand CCM
46 Hezhou Metal Products Co., Ltd, Guangxi Province R5m, one-strand CCM
47 Meishan Jinshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R6m, one-strand CCM
48 Meishan Jinshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM
49 Jiuxin Metal Products Company, Jiangsu Province R8m-R15m, two-strand CCM
50 Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Province 20t LF
51 Jiuxin Metal Products Company, Jiangsu Province 30t LF
52 Jiuxin Metal Products Company, Jiangsu Province 30t VD
53 Changchun Liyuan Steelmaking Company R6m-12m, two-strand CCM
54 Changchun Liyuan Steelmaking Company 20t LF
55 Ziyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Sichuan Province R6m, three-strand CCM
56 Zhulian Steel Company, Henan Province R5.25m, two-strand CCM
57 Lingguang Cast Products Company, Hubei Province R4m, one-strand CCM
58 Hefei Chenglong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R8-R15m, two-strand CCM
59 Kunming Yukun Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM
60 Baotou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R8m—R15m, four-strand CCM
61 VIBRANT WAVES SDN BHD. R5m, one-strand CCM
62 Panzhihua Tongde Steel Company R5m, one-strand CCM
63 Nanyang Dingxin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Henan Province Dust-removing system for 20t EAF and 30t LF
64 Yimen Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Yunnan Province R6m, three-strand CCM
65 Hangxin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Sichuan Province R6m, two-strand CCM
66 Jingweilun Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Anhui Province R5.25m, two-strand CCM revamping for rounds
67 Caspian Iron & Steel Company, Kazakhstan R6m, four-strand CCM
68 Pingxiang Qingshan Special Steel Company, Jiangxi Province R6m, three-strand CCM rebuilding for rounds
69 Ho Chi Minh Steel Factory, Vietnam R4m, two-strand CCM
70 Vietnam Ata Steel Factory R4m, two-strand CCM
71 Anqing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM
72 Weihao Baolong Special Petroleum R6m, three-strand CCM for rounds
73  Material Co.,Ltd
74 S.T.D. STEEL CO., LTD. R4m, two-strand CCM
75 LING NAN STEEL CO., LTD. R4m, two-strand CCM
76 S.T.D. STEEL CO., LTD. R5.25m, three-strand CCM
77 No.3 Steel Factory, Thailand R6m, four-strand CCM
78 MEHNAT HALOT, TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN R6m, three-strand CCM for rounds
79 Hongda Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Henan Province Dust-removing system revamping for 30t EAF
80 Gaoyou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province R4m, two-strand CCM
81 Vietnam Achun Steel Company R3.5m, two-strand CCM
82 Tonglu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd R6m,two-strand CCM rebuilding into three-strand CCM
83 Honglong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Chongqing R6m, three-strand CCM
84 Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Exported to Turkey)  R8m, three-strand CCM
85 Nanyang Dingxin, Thailand R6m, two-strand CCM
86 S.T.D. STEEL CO., LTD. Dust-removing system for six sets of MF induction furnace
87 Wenzhou Mingtai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. R6m, two-strand CCM rebuilding into three-strand CCM
88 Changhong Special Steel Company, Jiangsu Province CCM for 100mm×500mm bloom
89 THAI INTERSTEEL CO., LTD. R6m, four-strand CCM
90 THAISOMBOON WEAVING CO., LTD. R5.25m, two-strand CCM
92 Shanghai Machinery Import & Export (Group) Corporation, Ltd.(exported to Iran) R6m, three-strand CCM
93 Pingyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. R5m, one-strand CCM
94 Shanghai Machinery Import & Export (Group) Corporation, Ltd.(exported to Iran) R8m, three-strand CCM
95 Thai Special Steel Co., Ltd. R6m, two-strand CCM
96 Nanyang Iron & Steel Company R6m, one-strand CCM revamping into two-strand CCM
97 Vietnam NGUYEN Steel Company R6m, two-strand CCM
98 Shanghai Machinery Import & Export (Group) Corporation, Ltd.(exported to Turkey) R6m, two-strand CCM
99 Dalian Import & Export Company R5.25m, two-strand CCM
100 Jieyang Trading Company, Guangdong Province R6m, two-strand CCM
101 Malaysia Foundry Pipes Co., L td. R5m, two-strand CCM
102 Malaysia Qimao Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. R4m, two-strand CCM
103 Chongqing Special Steel Company R6m, two-strand CCM
104 Lianyungang Ganyu Metals Company R6m, three-strand CCM
105 Dujiangyan Foundry Company, Sichuan Province R4m, one-strand CCM
106 Taizhou Taixin Metals Company R8m, three-strand CCM
107 Qujing Iron & Steel Company,  Yunnan Province R6m, two-strand CCM
109 RANA STEEL INDUSTRY LLC., Turkey R6m, three-strand CCM
110 RANA STEEL INDUSTRY LLC., Turkey R8m, three-strand CCM, two sets
111 Xintai Steel Company, Heibei province R6m, two-strand CCM
112 Hai'an Liande Steel Company, Jiangsu Province R6m, two-strand CCM
113 BSM Steel Company, Iran R4m, one-strand CCM
114 Fujian Baoda Steel Company, Fujian province R6m, one-strand CCM
115 Iraq Steel Company/伊拉克国有钢铁公司 R8m, three-strand CCM
116 Tianjin Hengjing Metal Materials Company R5.25m, two-strand CCM
117 Wuxi Chengjun Wind Power Equipment Company R6m, two-strand CCM
118 ABBAS Steel Group, Pakistan R4m, two-strand CCM
119 Jiangsu Heavy-mechanism Company R6m, two-strand CCM
120 Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. R6m, two-strand CCM
121 Bao Yuan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Qingdao R6m, two-strand CCM
122  Hanoi Steel Company, Vietnam R6m, two-strand CCM
123 Hanoi Steel Company, Vietnam R6m, two-strand CCM
124 Tangshan Trading Company(exported to Vietnam) R6m, one-strand CCM
125  Ningbo Baocheng Trading Company(exported to Iran) R4m, one-strand CCM
126 Shanghai Electric Machine Tools & Engineering Co., Ltd R4m, one-strand CCM
127 Shanghai Electric Machine Tools & Engineering Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM
128 Baoding Cast Co.,Ltd, Shanxi Province R6m, three-strand CCM
129 Shandong Xinfa Group R6m, three-strand CCM
130 Shandong Xinfa Group R6m, two-strand CCM
131 Shandong Xinfa Group dust collection system for three sets of 30t induction furnace
132 Shandong Xinfa Group Dust collection system for two sets of 30t induction furnace
134 Hongxin Metal Company, Yunnan Province  R8m, two-strand CCM
135 Guangxi Pinxiang Trading Company R6m, five-strand CCM
136 TBS Steel Company, Thailand R6m, two-strand CCM
137 Jiangyin Shengang Steel Company, Jiangsu province R6m, two-strand CCM
138 Pingdingshan Minxin Steel Company, Henan province R8m, five-strand CCM
139 ABBAS Steel Group, Pakistan R6m, two-strand CCM
140 Ethiopia project of Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Ltd R4m, one-strand CCM
141 Uzbekistan project of Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Ltd R4m, two-strand CCM
150 Jordan project of Changzhou Xinlin Steel & Iron Co., Ltd R4m, two-strand CCM
151 Turkey project of Jiangsu Haotai trading Co., Ltd R6m, two-strand CCM
152 Algeria project of Shanghai Metallury Equipment Ltd. R8m, three-strand CCM
153 Algeria project of Shanghai Metallury Equipment Ltd. R4m, two-strand CCM
154 Algeria project of Shanghai Metallury Equipment Ltd. R6m,one-strand CCM
155 Sudan project of Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Ltd. R6m,two-strand CCM 
156 Turkey project of Jiangsu Haotai trading Co., Ltd R6m,one-strand CCM
157 STD Steel & Iron Company, Thailand hydraulic shear for two-strand CCM
158 Lingnan Steel Company, Thailand hydraulic shear for three-strand CCM
159 Xinjiang Hangfeng Steel & Iron Company R8m,three-CCM
160 ABBAS Steel Group, Pakistan R2.5m one-strand CCM
161 ABBAS Steel Group, Pakistan R4m two-strand CCM
162 ASG Metals Limited, Pakistan R6m two-strand CCM
163 ASG Metals Limited, Pakistan R4m two-strand CCM
164 Malaysia Steel & Iron Company R4m,two-strand CCM
165 Malaysia Steel & Iron Company R6m three-strand rebuilting
166 Tianjin Hengjing Metal Materials Company R8m,one-strand  for slab
167 Tianjin Hengjing Metal Materials Company R6m,three-strand CCM
168 Bengpu Jingweilun Steel Company hydraulic shear
169 Xingcheng Xingda Foundary Company, Liaoning R6m,three-strand CCM
170 Guangxi Guixin  Steel & Iron Group Corp. hydraulic shear
171 Jiangsu Yaoyao Mechanism Tech. Company R5m, one-strand CCM
172 Indonesia project of Shanghai Chidaolin Company R5.25m,two-strand CCM